I love to go off-roading. It is one of the things that keep me sane and brings balance to my life. I prefer to do it with friends and other off-roaders that at least to some extend have the same offroading values.

When I offroad many times the Blue Burro is full in the front and back. I noticed a substantial difference in the ride when I had 2 or more people in the back. Much more bounce and bottoming out on the bump stops more often. I also have a lockable tool drawer in the back that has a weighs a few hundred pounds when full. I asked my preferred Off-Road shop @Bullpengarage owner Jon and he suggested heavier springs and heavier shocks. I usually have Jon install all suspension parts on the Blue Burro but I needed to test the shocks before I could get to his shop.

I was using a set of Bilstein 5100s and I was happy with the performance other than when I had extra passengers so I ordered the 5160 reservoir shocks. Truthfully my wife ordered them for my birthday. Ladies, Husbands & Family, show someone you really care. Off-Road parts gifts are always the best gifts!

Shock Installs are super simple. I floor jacked the axle and put jack stands on the frame. With the floor jack I then allow the suspension to droop enough to install the new shocks without having to compress the shocks. Remember torque to 38-45 ft/lb on the front top nut and 80 ft/lb everywhere else. I put some locktight on mine to be sure because I wheel pretty often and fairly aggressively.

I have been on 2 trail rides with them so far and I am very happy with the road and off-road performance. I expect to get a couple years out of these before I have to replace. The only thing I would add for next time would be a shock with ride adjustment. I don’t mind the road ride but my wife doesnt love it.

Front Shock

Rear Shock

UPDATE!! These shocks while comfortable did not last beyond 9 months. I offroad monthly and not on the extreme side. One of them blew all the way out while I was on the Baja and I had to scramble to get something to limp home on. Many many better options than these shocks. Like everything it is a lesson learned in what not to do.

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