Blue Burro Goes to Dealership for Jeep Airbag Recalls - Desert Jeep Rat
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Blue Burro Goes to Dealership for Jeep Airbag Recalls

Blue Burro Goes to Dealership for Jeep Airbag Recalls

Tucson Wash

Tucson Wash

The Blue Burro(Left) was one of the millions of cars affected by the global airbag recall. I received a letter notifying me of the recall and instructions on how to proceed.

I have heard many horror stories about Jeeps and dealerships and was very nervous about taking the Burro in.

I was contacted by Roxanne from the local Jim Click dealership and made my appointment. The handoff was smooth and Roxanne was very professional. I was nervous all day long worried about if I would have a bad dealership story to tell.

I received a call from Roxanne before the promised time. I got a ride to pick up the Blue Burro. Roxanne saw me on the parking lot and came to greet me and direct me to the counter for paperwork. I signed out the Burro and we were pleasantly on our way.

I have no horror story to tell. Roxanne was professional and considerate and the Jim Click dealership processed the whole transaction well above my expectations.

I can not speak to warranty or purchase issues but as far as service on a recall, Jim Click and Roxanne are top notch.

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