Box Canyon, Florance Az Run with Davis Monthan Jeepers - Desert Jeep Rat
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Box Canyon, Florance Az Run with Davis Monthan Jeepers

Box Canyon, Florance Az Run with Davis Monthan Jeepers

Video and Drone footage courtesy of Solon Fenner, an avid supporter of the Jeep life. Check out his amazing videos on his YouTube channel.

Notice at the 2:00 minute mark it looks like 2 jeeps kissing, it is however the Blue Burro high centered and needing a nudge to get free. The burro eventually had to get the Winch to get off the obstacle.

Summer in the desert is hot as… so I had not been on the trail for several weeks. I got an invite to join the Davis Monthan Jeepers on their run through the Box Canyon near Florence Arizona.

This is a beautiful run with moderate obstacles throughout. The “Ledge” is the one obstacle that gave a few of our stock jeeps a challenge. If you have a couple inches of lift and 1 locker and it is easily passable. Stay to the left side wall for easier passage.

A great 1/2 to 3/4 day ride with amazing scenery! Always use extreme caution in the rainy season. Rain many miles away can flood the canyon nearly instantly.

DM Jeepers and Tucson Jeeps will be bringing you the 2nd annual Back the Blue event this September. Consider traveling to Tucson for this amazing Jeep caravan and event to support law enforcement. MORE INFO


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