Chivo Falls Trail Loop - Desert Jeep Rat
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Chivo Falls Trail Loop

Chivo Falls Trail Loop

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My buddy Jeff and I had wanted to explore this trail near Chivo Falls for a long time but never had a full day to go for it. We finally had a full day off at the same time and decided to go for it. I’m not sure if this trail has another name but we called it Chivo Falls Loop. From Reddington we went in the front access to Chivo falls through Three Feathers then took the right turn at the gated junction. Off-Road #4405 as you can see on the image map below. The total loop and GPS can be accessed from the Wikiloc link and image above.

This trail is rugged and fun throughout. The wash crossings were dry when we went, Dec 1, but they were still a challenge to navigate and cross. There a multiple difficult sections to the trail so it keeps you on your toes the whole time. I would suggest at least a 2″ lift, one locker and a winch for this trail ride. Also, if you are worried about scratching your vehicle don’t take this trail. For everyone else, we off-roaders like to say, “It Will Buff Out”! This is a 6 hour plus loop if you are moving consistence with minimal breaks.

We decided when we do this trail again we will do an overnight camp. It was fun but we would like to stop and enjoy the trail more. The views are spectacular throughout. Multiple vistas with views of the Tucson, the Catalina, and Rincon mountains.

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