We picked up JP the Jeep Puppy from a rescue in Phoenix. She was one of many dogs rescued from the hurricane and flood in Houston Texas. We later found out from our vet that she was only 2 weeks old when we got her. She fell in the pool about 10 times as a puppy so we had to do a temp fence until we could get her big enough to get out of the pool on her own.
The rescue identified her as a boxer – beagle. You can tell from her later pics she is not boxer or beagle. I’m pretty confident in Jack Russell or something similar. We have not had her DNA tested to make sure. She is a great trail buddy and is a bit overprotective of the Jeep. I have to warn my trail buddies to not reach in the Jeep. On the ground she is OK but in the Jeep she will get after you for touching or reaching in the Jeep.https://youtu.be/7VVnui2f-rE

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