The Blue Burro S&W .40 Edition Pistol - Desert Jeep Rat
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The Blue Burro S&W .40 Edition Pistol

The Blue Burro S&W .40 Edition Pistol

This is the Blue Burro

The Blue Burro

This is the Blue Burro S&W .40 Edition Pistol

Special Thanks to Dan Cline of Cline Tactical for the amazing customization of my old pistol. Dan turned a tired old over coated pistol into a fun work of art.

Here is what Dan did tot he pistol:

  • Sandblasted old Duracoat off lower and upper.
  • Coated barrel & upper with Ceracoat.
  • Laser engraved Blue Burro and tire tracks into the barrel.
  • Stippled tire treads into grips.
  • Laser engraved Oscar Mike star into top of slide.
  • Cut barrel view windows into slide.

I’m blown away at the results! Thanks again Dan!

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