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My soon to be son in law was in town for my daughters birthday and we had a few hours to go play so we took the Blue Burro and a few firearms and did the scenic drive through the Tucson Wash.

I like to tease David as we drive through the desert and point out all the places you could bury someone if things didn’t go well with my princess. He’s a great guy and I’m sure he is going to take great care of Danielle.

We ended up at the shooting range and had a great time shooting and hanging out. See David and his nice tight grouping in the photos to the right. We were shooting my 5.56 SS(Super Sniper) Although it doesn’t have the range of my 308, the 5.56SS can do groupings like this(See Pic) and hit golf balls at 150 yards making even an amateur look like a pro.

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