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Updated 308 – Ar-10 Project Complete

Updated 308 – Ar-10 Project Complete

My 308 is one of my favorite rifles. It is accurate and easy to shoot but I built a 24″ bull barrel 556. At medium to shorter ranges the 556 was more accurate, so I decided to give my 308 and overhaul and the 24″ barrel treatment.

I found a very reasonable deal on a 17″ slim handguard from Delta Team Tactical.

I found the 24″ fluted, match grade barrel and the build was on.

I decided to go with Magpul FDE Duracoat for the color. FDE and OD Green are my preferred colors for several of my firearms.

I added and new buttstock in matching FDE.

The optic is a Nikon P Series which is a great entry level priced optic. The reason I like them is the price and how much light they allow through. It is super easy to use especially if you are a beginner. This optic on my 308 and another on my 556 are what I use to teach people to shoot a longer range rifles.

Overall I am pleased with the visual look of the rifle and tomorrow I will find out if it shoots as good as it looks.

308 Rifle
308 Rifle
308 rifle
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