To save you all the effort and energy I will list all of the errors I made in getting stuck then getting unstuck.

What I did wrong:

  1. Picked a bad line
  2. Tried to get unstuck before engaging the lockers
  3. Did not have a tree strap
  4. Should not have attached the rope to itself(See #3)
  5. Did not have a snatch block
  6. Did not loop the winch rope through #3 and back to my rock rails to avoid the tear in my soft top.
  7. Gashed the doors on the passenger side getting stuck.(See pics below) Carnage was done before recovery.
  8. Procrastinated purchasing #3 & #5 and didn’t have them when I needed them

What I did do right:

  1. Put and X-Bull 13K lbs Winch on the Blue Burro
  2. Got unstuck
  3. Didn’t finish wheels up
  4. Didn’t die
  5. Purchased tree strap
  6. Purchased snatch block  

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